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The MG Music Studio

Medwyn’s studio has constantly evolved over the years having started life as a 4 track TEAC reel -reel recorder. It’s hard to imagine that Medwyn’s first albums, including the platinum “Medicine Woman” were recorded on a Fostex 8 track tape recorder and a 10 channel mixer using nothing more than a guitar, percussion and a Casio keyboard that could fit into a Christmas cracker.

From 1986 to 1993 all Medwyn’s albums were recorded live without the ability to correct anything. There were no computers, sequencing or digital mixing. Medwyn’s early music was created at the end of the “old school” era where you had to play and invent, there were no push button solutions as there are today. Eventually the 8 track was upgraded to a 16 track, which was used for the first time on the album “Great Spirit”.

In 1994 halfway through the album “Antarctica” Medwyn adopted an early Atari computer running something new called “cubase Lite”, that would never catch on…..(in joke for musicians)


By 1997 early samplers had appeared on the market and synthesizers were now rackable modules, as a result Medwyn’s studio grew to an immense size filling a small barn conversion. It housed 56 channels of analog Mackie mixers, a TEAC 16 track tape recorder and two large tower racks full of effects racks, early samplers like the AKAI S950 and various synth Roland and Korg modules. Studio computers were just beginning to make an impression in and so a MAC G3 computer running Logic audio, one of the first systems to combine midi and audio recording was installed. The first results from this studio were “Medicine Woman 2”, “The Scroll”, “Millennium” and “Comet”.

In the years that followed the studio started steadily shrinking, keyboards, effects and samplers were being replaced by virtual instruments and software. Technology was transforming the need for a large studio area to house equipment into only requiring an more powerful computer full of software. The computer had taken over!

Today Medwyn’s studio has shrunk down to a modest room with few components. A powerful computer, monitors, a master keyboard, guitars, and his mind. Everything else is in the computer on the floor….including crisp crumbs and cat fur.

The present studio configuration is like so -

Recording, sequencing, editing and digital mixing & Mastering:

Cubase 5, built into a powerful computer.


Lexicon Reverb Suite
WAVES Mercury

Virtual Instruments:

Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Spectrasonics Atmosphere
Spectrasonics Trillian
Spectrasonics RMX
Kontakt 5
Ethno World 4
Rob Papen Blue
Rob Papen Punch

and many many others that include choirs, orchestras,…

An external studio rack containing:

Midi and Audio interfaces racks MOTU & FOCUSRITE

Triton Module
Motif Module
Fantom Module
Lexicon P90


Mackie H824 Monitors


Fender & Gibson Electric Guitars
Ovation Spanish Guitar & Mandolin
Luna Celtic 12 String Guitar
Roland D50 Keyboard
Celtic Bodhrun
Mexican Hand made Panpipes


  1. Somsay


    I just discovered your music, amazing!


  2. Trevor Wales


    Very interested in your biog and it makes very interesting reading for me as i worked in the Hi end hi fi industry for over thirty years. I am a wannabe musician with a small colection of dobros and acoustics! Im also a big fan of Teac given that I own a classic VRDS 25 Cd player that sounds amazing . Very interesting :-)


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