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Medwyn Goodall talks to Morgana about the brand new MG Music website – 2013


(Morgana) Hello Medwyn – before we start talking about the new MG Music website, I have to say your list of artists now reads like a “Who’s Who”.  Some of the best-known and most established artists in New Age music along with a few new names too. Can you say a few words about who is on the list and how this has all come about?  

(Medwyn) Much in the world is changing and I wanted MG Music to evolve to a new level where it welcomed the future, today.

I wanted to create a powerful new platform that would act more like a center, a portal, one that would welcome the digital age and be designed to handle multi formats and all forms of user technology with speed and ease.

Beyond that I didn’t want to bog it down as a label only, so it has been designed to work with guests also and to that end I invited many friends, old colleagues, the famous and the less known, to take part and come together as one big collective voice. An unprecedented gathering.

(Morgana)   So, unlike many other labels, you are keeping your whole catalogue clearly focused on the New Age music genre?

(Medwyn) Yes we are and always will be about New Age. Mostly instrumental, independent music, but now far more diverse in selection, quantity, styles and formats.



(Morgana) As well as increasing your artist portfolio, you are also expanding your product range too. What will you be offering apart from CD’s and mp3 downloads?


(Medwyn) Previously our website was designed around the CD, even though we added a limited amount of download-only albums later. The new site for the first time ever will offer single track downloads; album downloads; WAV studio quality files; film formats like AVI, or Mp4; and will offer a massive selection of everything we’ve ever created; back catalogues, deleted works,  present and new releases. All with a shopping cart designed to be able to mix any product and download instantly at speed using any device.



(Morgana) There are a lot of people out there who prefer the higher sound quality of wav files over mp3’s. Will you be offering wav’s as a download option too? 


(Medwyn) Yes WAV’s will become available, more as new releases come out.

The idea being not just to offer another file format that is lossless and stronger than an mp3, but so we can offer for the first time a sound quality that is a studio master copy.



(Morgana) When the folks back in office heard about our interview, they came up with a whole list of questions so here is the quick fire round . . .


Will people still need to set up a user account and password to use your website?


(Medwyn)   No !   I didn’t want fans to have the need to log in and remember accounts and passwords. All you need do is arrive and jump in, enjoy. We’ve done away with all the thins I felt were annoying about the old site.

(Morgana) Can anything be added to the same shopping cart?

(Medwyn) Everything but tea and chips :)   Yes amazingly one can add CD’s, album downloads, a movie, some singles, whatever you want, from anywhere in the world and your downloads will be instantly available, and anything physical will get posted to you.


(Morgana) What new products or features can we expect to see?

(Medwyn) All the different formats, all the single tracks, more movies to watch, by far more artists.

(Morgana) Is the new website simpler or harder to use?

(Medwyn) Far far simpler, no log in, an easy checkout, CD’s and downloads are no longer separated. A single album-product page displays everything, single tracks, CD, all the formats and audio to sample and a movie to watch. Everything is always in one place so you don’t have to go hunting all over to find it.

(Morgana) Faster or slower?

(Medwyn) We’ve moved to a service that offers massive storage and high speed, compared to the old site it will be like we’ve moved from an old mini van to a rocket. The speed and traffic it should handle will make it very smooth and fast and if it does not then we will upgrade it until it does.

(Morgana) Is the website compatible with a greater range of browsers and devices?

(Medwyn) The new site has been designed so that just about all the most popular browsers will work. It will also be compatible with PC, laptops, tablets, Android, phones, ipads, so no matter where you are, home, work, on the move, and no matter what you are using, you should be able to get what you fancy easily. We’ve even built in a special menu that will appear for ipad, phone users to make life that bit easier.

(Morgana) Have you made many changes to the look?

(Medwyn) We’ve kept the basic look the same, but the logo will have changed, and the menu’s is simpler and more visual, easier. Essentially we’ve refined things to make them more obvious, functional, smarter, rather than make the site unfamiliar.

(Morgana) This must be the biggest change you’ve made since setting up MG Music? Would it be a fair comparison to say that your on-line shop is now growing into a superstore – a focal point and a hub for New Age music and musicians? 

(Medwyn) Yes it is a huge evolutionary leap for us, one we were ready for. At first it was my own artist website and that went through various upgrades. Then I expanded into becoming a label. Now the label has evolved beyond a typical label and has transformed into something not seen before, a hybrid of sorts, label-distributor-centre-hub. It’s no single entity anymore and its doors are open to everyone.

(Morgana) Finally, and as always, is there a question you’ve been burning to answer that I have failed to ask?

(Medwyn) Yes, the new site isn’t just for those who are established. If you are an unpublished musician, unpublished new age writer then get in touch we can help you reach the world, we are eager to help others.

(Morgana) That’s great news. So . . . I can sing on your next album?

(Medwyn) ( . . . hits the fire alarm button and rushes out of building).


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